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The Story of Fishman PR

Sherri Fishman established her own PR agency, Sherri Fishman Public Relations, in 1991, starting with one client and working out of her home. Eventually, her reputation as a solid publicist and PR pro began to spread around the franchise industry, and her client roster gradually started to grow. In 1992, her husband, Brad, who comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs, joined Sherri in taking her promising PR company to new heights. Consequently, they changed the name to simply, “Fishman Public Relations.” 

By 1994, with more than a dozen clients in the franchise industry, they moved into office space and hired employees to help support their growing client base. While Sherri spent the majority of her time managing accounts and employees, Brad was busy traveling around the world at franchise industry events, attracting new clients and establishing himself as an expert in using PR and other marketing techniques to help franchise companies generate leads. In 1999, Debra Vilchis, a former journalist with diverse media relations experience, joined the Fishman PR team. As Brad continues to expand the agency’s client base and educate the franchise community as a whole on public relations and franchise lead generation, Sherri and Debra work together to hire and train new employees on best practices in PR, manage day-to-day operations and instill company values to the staff to carry out the agency’s mission.

Today, the agency has evolved and expanded its services to offer a wide array of integrated services , such as marketing  and social media  to support both franchise sales and consumer awareness, event management and  more. In 2012, we changed our name to Fishman PR to reflect the expanded services, and added a new tagline, “Moving Franchise Brands Forward.”  Our agency has grown to become the largest PR & marketing company for franchise brands that continues to grow along with the industry, and we continue to evolve as the digital revolution continues to change the media world.

Fishman PR is known for consistently securing media placements for our franchise clients in high-level national magazines, newspapers, TV, radio and online media, as well as local media outlets throughout North America. Getting creative, we help our clients “create news” that commands the attention of major media outlets, as well as sharing business news that helps raise their brand names in the search rankings.

Simply put, Fishman PR is a household name in the franchise industry. We earned that title the old-fashioned way – through hard work, dedication to the task and years of delivering results for hundreds of franchise clients.